MOUNTAIN rescue volunteers were out in force this morning to help take an injured person to an ambulance that had become stuck in snow.

The North West Ambulance Service had been called into action in Bacup to assist a casualty but had been unable to make it to their house due to the snowy conditions.

In response Rossendale and Pendle Mountain Rescue Team were deployed at 9.30am to help extract the injured person and get them to the ambulance.

A mountain rescue spokesperson said: "It was clear a few cars had tried to access the road consolidating the snow to ice, which was the reason for access issues.

"Team members began to clear the snow and whilst laying some grit in preparation for trying access with Mobile 2, our 4x4 Toyota Hilux, the sun also began to reach the road and assisted in the process too.

"The team vehicle was able to make it to the address, the casualty conveyed to the awaiting ambulance on the main road."

Mountain rescue volunteers gave their thanks to drivers who waited while this work was carried out.

The spokesperson said: "Thank you to the drivers who waited patiently whilst we got the casualty transferred to the ambulance.

"Team members returned to their weekend plans and the vehicle was returned to base where it was washed, cleaned and sorted ready for the next time we are called upon."

They also took the opportunity to remind the public that its service is voluntary and depends on donations to continue its work.

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