AN ACTION group has celebrated controversial plans to sell land in their village being shelved – but have vowed to remain on guard over concerns proposals will be revived.

More than 600 residents petitioned against Blackburn Rovers’ plan to sell the land at their senior training centre (STC), based in Brockhall Village, to make way for 170 homes.

Bosses at the club announced they would no longer be proceeding with the proposal following a backlash from those living within the village boundaries, councillors and supporters alike.

But concerns have now been expressed about the prospect of plans for the site being revived in another form, with the Brockhall Village Residents Action Group believing the battle ‘isn’t over by a long shot’.

The plans would have seen Rovers amalgamate their two training bases to form one state-of-the-art complex on the site of the academy, funded by the sale of the land the STC is located on.

The action group identified four areas of concern, and believe the motive for the plans was based upon finance, rather than football.

Carl Allen, chairman of the group said: “It wasn’t unsurprising what happened. While we had a mini-celebration on Friday, our message is lets stay on guard because the statement was very carefully worded and we fully expect them to come back with alternative plans.

“This was never about unifying an academy and a training centre, this wasn’t about football, this was about financial reasons and as we know they’re not material planning considerations, which is why this isn’t going to go ahead in its current form.

“This could be it, but my gut tells me that’s not the case. I hope it is, but if I was a betting man I would say we’ll see a revised proposal of some sort, or some clarity on what their real plans are. We’ll sit tight, on guard, and when we do know we’ll react accordingly on behalf of the residents.”

Rovers say they will now explore other options regarding their training facilities.

Another aspect of the plans that caused concern among supporters was the tarnishing of Jack Walker’s legacy.

A letter written to Rovers CEO Steve Waggott, co-ordinated by supporter Simon Leigh, outlined the issue just days prior to the plans being shelved.

It read: “A large proportion of the fan base will no doubt consider, as we do, that these proposals demonstrate a distinct lack of respect for what Jack Walker did for the club.

“Jack’s legacy to the Blackburn public wasn’t just the 1995 Premier League title win. It was also the fabulous facilities he left the club in the form of the new Ewood Park and the superb facilities at Brockhall.”