EAST LANCASHIRE residents have captured incredible images of snowy landscapes after last night's sudden cold snap.

The April snow has caught a lot of people by surprise, including emergency services who have had to deal with disruptions on the roads, after the relatively warm weather of just a week ago.

Lancashire Telegraph:

It has been snowing all across East Lancashire (Credit: Michael Brown)

However, the snowfall has also created some specular landscapes, which residents have spent their Sunday mornings enjoying.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Pendle Hill in the snow

Michael Brown was out and about in Tockholes where he captured Pendle both at a distance and up close, along with the rest of the nearby frozen countryside.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Tockholes has been blanketed with snow (Credit: Michael Brown)

Meanwhile, Lisa Blackman was also out in the countryside, in her case capturing a photograph of the April snow around Tor in Haslingden.

Lancashire Telegraph:

A snow swept Haslingden (Credit: Lisa Blackman)

The Met Office has forecast that East Lancashire has a 30 per cent likelihood of seeing further snowfall after 9pm this evening, falling to a 20 per cent chance between 1am and 2am.

According to weather experts this is likely to be the last we see of snow in the region for some time to come, however residents are sure to be making the most of the beautiful scenes it has created while they can.