A BLACKBURN born entrepreneur has partnered with Amazon Web Services to help unemployed and underemployed people launch careers in cloud technology.

IN4.0 Group, a tech consultancy company founded by Mo Isap, will be working with the international corporation on programmes across Lancashire and Greater Manchester aimed at helping learners build essential skills that will allow them to pursue roles in the tech sector.

This follows on from previous IN4.0 programmes, such as its MediaCityUK based talent academy, which have aimed to increase the representation of diverse and under-represented groups in the industry.

Mr Isap said: “After working closely with AWS for nearly three years within our talent academy, we are ecstatic to continue this partnership formally as an AWS re/Start collaborating organisation and AWS select consulting partner.

“Securing this prestigious status further extends IN4.0 Group’s commitment to delivering highly skilled technology career starts for individuals from diverse backgrounds, who previously would not have had this opportunity.”

The programme, known as AWS re/Start, is a 12-week, skills-based course that covers cloud technology as well as practical career skills, such as interviewing and CV writing, to help prepare individuals for an entry level position in the industry.

The programme will include real-world scenario-based exercises, labs, and coursework which will give students the chance to build up their Linux, Python, networking, security, and relational database skills.

AWS will also prepare and cover the cost for learners to take the its cloud practitioner exam, validating their cloud skills with an industry-recognised qualification.

Mr Isap and his AWS partners believe that this can help prepare individuals for entry level cloud roles in operations, site reliability and infrastructure support.

AWS re/Start global team lead Tejas Vashi said: “The industry demand for cloud adoption is far outpacing the number of new, cloud-savvy workers, leaving organisations struggling to find and hire the talent needed to implement cloud services.

"To overcome this systematic supply vs demand situation, cloud talent must be cultivated from non-traditional sources.

"AWS re/Start brings net-new talent into the cloud ecosystem by skilling unemployed and underemployed individuals with little technology background and preparing them to launch a cloud career.”

To find out more, go to: https://in40.co.uk/for-graduates/.