A gym has changed its entire business model to allow them to re-open as lockdown lifts.

Fit Mill, based in Roe Lee, normally hosts fitness classes, however these are still banned until May 17 despite gyms being open again.

Owner Nick Talbot, 44, said that despite the fact the business is working in a different manner, he has seen a record breaking number of people enquire to sign up, with 30 people showing interest in the past 28 days.

Nick said: "I'm desperate to get my guys back training.

"We have got such a great community here and it's awful seeing people suffering.

"People come here for the fun, for the community and for the support as well.

"I have changed my entire business model to open today."

The gym will operate with different stations for people with a description of what to do at each station which, due to this meaning it is individual exercise, means that the gym can open today.

The set up of the FitMill lends itself to working under Covid restrictions, with a shutter door at the front and large outdoor area allowing for more people to excercise in a well ventilated area.

The gym would normally be able to allow 32 people to workout however Nick has reduced this to 16 to ensure social distancing can be abided by.

Nick added: "I'm very fortunate that I have a huge car park here so where we can we exercise outside.

"Air flow isn't an issue so I am in a very good position.

"Of course we have all the precautions but we have a very safe area here because we can train outside."

Formerly a police officer for 17 years, Nick set up FitMill and opened in May 2018 and in its growth, Nick has now been able to hire two personal trainers to work at the facility.

Across Lancashire, fitness facilities have been closed since the end of December when tier 4 restrictions were imposed.