A coding workshop is offering scholarships to disadvantaged and underrepresented people in the computing world.

Lancashire Digital Skills Partnership and Greater Manchester Combined Authority are partnering with Manchester computing company Northcoders to offer 24 fully funded scholarships for people who are underrepresented or disadvantaged in the digital industry.

The scholarships to the programme are part of the Fast Track Digital Workforce Fund and will allow users access to a 14-week coding bootcamp will start on Tuesday 4th May.

The scholarships are open to disadvantaged young people who are over 19, who maybe unemployed or under employed; those in low pay sectors or displaced or at risk of redundancy due to the pandemic and in need of retraining; the over 50s; ethnic minorities; women or gender minorities; and those with a disability or health condition particularly - neurodiversity including ADHD, autism, dyslexia or dyspraxia.

All learning will be delivered online - however, the main campus in Manchester city centre will be open should students want to learn in person.

Chief Partnerships Officer at Northcoders, Amul Batra said: “We are delighted to be partnering with Lancashire Digital Skills and Greater Manchester Combined Authority on this scholarship programme. We are confident it will be a platform that will directly benefit individuals but also help to make tech a more diverse and inclusive sector.”

During the course, recipients of the scholarships will learn all the skills they need to become a full stack software developer including training in building confidence around JavaScript so students are able to handle data and create interactivity on website and apps.

They will also build their HTML and CSS skills. The focus will then move onto the fundamentals and best practice of programming, front and back-end frameworks, and finally the project phase which will allow students to put what they’ve learned into practice.

Each bootcamp is an industry led experience and are constantly updated to match the skills employers want.

Applications for the diversity scholarship can be made here: https://northcoders.com/our-courses/fully-funded-scholarships