Meet The Richardsons is back for a second series- and the first episode airs tonight (8 April).

It stars Lancashire-born Jon Richardson along with his wife Lucy Beaumont.

For those who don’t know, Meet the Richardsons is a fictional window into the funny and frustrated marriage of the two comedians.

The show was written by Lucy Beaumont and Tim Reid (Car Share) and the second series looks to be just as hilarious as the first.

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The new series centres on the further frustrations of married life, the clash of career and personal life and how Jon and Lucy have been coping since viewers last saw them, including dealing with life in lockdown, which Jon predicted of course.

Jon and Lucy start to think about moving out of Hebden Bridge, Jon is over the moon to finally be creating his Jake Thackray documentary alongside Sally Phillips.

Meanwhile Lucy has a new job of her own hosting a radio show with Rob Beckett.

The series, which airs on Dave at 10pm tonight, features plenty of other famous faces including Benidorm star Johnny Vegas, Roland Gift and Kevin McCloud.

Lancashire Telegraph: Johnny Vegas is in episode one (Photo: UKTV/Dave)Johnny Vegas is in episode one (Photo: UKTV/Dave)

Speaking about the first series, which was one of Dave’s highest rated shows, Jon Richardson said “74.3%” of the show is based on real aspects of the couple’s marriage.

He explained:  “The root to every story is in something real. It’s amplified sometimes for the story.

“Lucy genuinely prefers Rob Beckett to me and it’s very difficult to get round that. That’s not life i
Imitating art, that is Lucy writing the life she wants for herself and getting paid to play it out. 

“In terms of the couch scenes, there’s no script or agenda so that is real. Storylines like me buying cheap second hand outfits from charity shops and Matalan even though I’m on telly, that’s all real. Emma and Damion are real.”

Lucy added: “Everything my mum says is real because she’s not able to do anything that isn’t real. Same with Emma and Damion.”

Lancashire Telegraph: Jon Richardson (Photo: Dave/UKTV photos)Jon Richardson (Photo: Dave/UKTV photos)

Explaining a little more about the new series, Jon Richardson said: “I don’t know if you’ve seen the news but there has been a global pandemic so we’ve spent a lot of time indoors with one another and it’s really been a really interesting test, that we’ve passed.

“We’re still together and what work we’ve done this year we’ve done together and lived together. Been together a little bit too much haven’t we?”

You can watch the first episode of Meet The Richardsons on Dave at 10pm.