A WINE bar has revealed a new ‘pay it with a post-it’ scheme to reward customers struggling through the pandemic.

Maxwell’s Café Wine Bar in Clitheroe posted on Facebook about their exciting new way to help anyone who needs it with a free coffee or a treat.

Customers can choose to pay for an extra coffee or snack as they pay for their own meal, which will then be added to a post-it note on a board.

Then, anyone who may be feeling down or financially struggling can choose to take up one of the post-it treats.

Deborah O’Reilly, assistant manager at Maxwell’s said: “Everyone is going through a very difficult time and having different experiences throughout lockdown.

“So, people can come in and choose to pay for an extra coffee and we will write it down.

“Even if they are just feeling down, we talk to our customers and ask how they are, so we can recommend a post-it to them too.”

The ‘pay it forward’ scheme is popular in America, where may cafes already use it to help those less able to pay for themselves.

Miss O’Reilly said: “It’s just a nice thought and we wanted to spread kindness.

“I have seen it being done in other areas but not here, so we thought why not? If it doesn’t do well then it doesn’t do well, but even if it helps one person that’s good enough for us.”

So far, the wine bar has had nothing but positive reactions and pledges to donate a coffee or treat to someone who may need it.

Miss O’Reilly said: “It has been amazing, our Facebook is going crazy with messages that people can’t wait to contribute, so it’s got a good buzz going around it.

“Obviously, people have been on furlough just like us, so we understand and think it might help put a smile on everyone’s faces.

The wine bar has even been staying in touch with their regular older customers, checking if they are okay and if they need any shopping.

Miss O’Reilly said: “The elderly customers live on their own so we may be the only people they sometimes see in a day.

“So, it’s exciting to be able to open again and see them.

“The staff are also so happy to be back to work after being off for so long and we’ve missed seeing everyone here too.”

Maxwell’s Café Wine Bar will open on April 12.