A group of youths targeted a woman who was on her own in the park before jumping on top of her van and throwing things at her.

The group of teens were in Victory Park in Barnoldswick between 5.30pm and 5.30pm on Good Friday (April 2).

They were caught on CCTV targetting a woman where they were shouting abuse, throwing objects, climbing on the roof of her vehicle before chasing her as she tried to drive away.

Police have issued an appeal for people to come forward if they know the youths in question.

Officer Greenwood said: "We are asking for your assistance in identifying any of the youths in the attached photos as we believe they may be able to assist us with our enquiries relating to a Public Order incident in Victory Park, Barnoldswick.

"On Friday (April 2) between 5:20pm and 5:30pm a number of youths targeted a woman who was by herself in the park and thought it was a good idea to climb on the roof of her vehicle and proceed to throw objects at her. Some of the group have also climbed on the toilet block roof and shouted abuse at her. This group have then chased her as she has tried to drive away.

"This behaviour is the most recent incident in a long line of reports about Anti Social Behaviour in Victory Park and is not acceptable.

"We would like to speak to anyone who witnessed the incident or if you recognise yourself or your child, please make contact then we can deal with the issue appropriately.

"Parents, Please can we respectfully ask that you remind your children that they should not be in a group of more than 6, and even then social distancing should still be adhered to.

"We are still very much in the midst of a Pandemic and we must all do our bit to keep each other safe."

Police have asked that people contact PC 4712 Greenwood on 4712@lancashire.police.uk or call on 07966 577 981 instead of publicly naming the children.