THE heartbroken family of an adored mum-of-five have appealed directly to her killer for information about the whereabouts of her remains.

Alan Edwards has never disclosed the location of Susan Waring’s body, despite overwhelming evidence to suggest he killed the Darwen woman and being found guilty by a jury of her murder.

Now in a last-ditch bid for closure, the 45-year-old’s family have appealed directly to Edwards to tell them where he body is.

Speaking both during the hearing on Wednesday and in press interviews after, Susan’s brother Peter Waring said the family would never be able to fully move on so long as she remained missing.

He said: “We are completely devastated that Susan was taken from us in such a way. After two-and-a-half years of living in turmoil and distress, we are now relieved that the jury has found Alan Edwards guilty of murdering Susan and that justice has been served.

“We would like to remember Susan as a happy, gentle and kind person who always had a smile for others and would help anybody.

“Susan was a daughter, mother, sister and friend and our lives will never be the same again without her in it.

“We would implore Alan Edwards to find it in himself to do the right thing by telling us where Susan is so as a family we can lay her to rest.

“Then we would have somewhere to take flowers and be able to so goodbye”

Mr Waring went on to stress the importance of finding Susan’s body, especially for her one-year-old grandson who never had the chance to meet her.

He said: “It is really important not just for our immediate family, but for Susan’s one-year-old grandchild, who has never known her.

“He is going to see pictures and ask where is she? He still has all of this to come yet. It is important.

“We will try and move forward as a family but its going to be impossible until we find a body.

“We are begging him to let us know where she is.”

Mr Waring went on to describe his sister as a caring, happy girl who would have done anything for anyone.

He said: “Despite the problems that she had, she would always have done anything for anyone - all you had to do was ask.”