THE same day she was made subject to a suspended prison sentence a woman went round to an ex-boyfriend’s house armed with a hammer and smashed a window.

Blackburn magistrates heard Sophie Hartley later told police she didn’t care if they sent her back to prison.

But the Deputy District Judge who sentenced her said she was going to take a lenient approach and give Hartley another chance.

Hartley, 29, of Bread Street, Burnley, pleaded guilty to criminal damage to a window belonging to Kieran Wright. She was fined £100 for being in breach of the suspended sentence, £110 for the criminal damage and ordered to pay £50 compensation.

Deputy District Judge Jayne Bryan said Hartley would have been warned about the consequences of breaching the order.

“Despite that you committed this offence later the same day,” said the Judge. “I would not be looking at prison for this offence on its own. Because of that, because this offence is of a different character, because of the issues you have I am going to take an unusual and very lenient approach with you today. If you commit any further offences in the next 12 months you will find yourself locked up.”

Shazia Aslam, prosecuting, said the defendant was seen by a neighbour approach a house in Kime Street carrying a hammer which she used to smash a window. Mr Wright was woken by the noise and looked out of his bedroom window to see his former girlfriend.

John Rusius, defending, said the suspended sentence had been imposed for a dangerous driving offence and apart from that his client had been out of trouble for three years. “She has been trying to turn her life around and has been doing reasonably well,” said Mr Rusius.

“The thing that is holding her back at the moment is her ex-partner. She says he is stalking her.

“He breaks into her house and is making her life a misery. When she got home from court on Tuesday he was on her doorstep.”