OFFICIALS from a Youth Zone worked with Michelin-star chef Nigel Haworth to deliver 500 food parcels to families at the weekend.

Blackburn Youth Zone created their ‘Zone to Home’ parcel which contained the ingredients to make an exclusive two-course meal of aubergine chilli and apple crumble.

Michelin-star Chef Nigel Haworth said: “It’s such a privilege to help bring tasty food to Blackburn Youth Zone members’ homes across the region through this amazing project.”

Zaffer Khan Interim CEO of Blackburn Youth Zone said: “I am extremely proud that we have supported the community, delivering food parcels ready for families to make a healthy nutritious meal together this Easter. I would like to thank our amazing community and fantastic patrons who have supported our ‘Zone to Home’ campaign.

Gillian McHugh, whose daughter Faith prepared a meal, said: “It was such a nice surprise. It gave us something different to do together as a family.”