POLICE called to a domestic at a Colne address were confronted by a drunken woman.

Blackburn magistrates heard when officers went to arrest her in relation to another matter Nicola Wilkinson tried to set her dogs on them.

She also kicked an officer as he tried to handcuff her.

Wilkinson, 35, of Thomas Street, Colne, pleaded guilty to assaulting an emergency worker and being the owner of a dog which was dangerously out of control. She was sentenced to 12 weeks in prison suspended for 12 months and made subject to a community order for 12 months with six months alcohol treatment requirement and 20 days rehabilitation activity requirement. She was ordered to pay £100 compensation to the officer and £122 victim surcharge. She was disqualified from keeping dogs for two years.

Diane Jackson, prosecuting, said when police arrived at the house the defendant's partner had left. She became aggressive towards the officers and kicked out as they tried to handcuff her.

"The dogs were barking and she instructed them to bite the officers," said Miss Jackson. "They didn't actually bite but they did jump up and the officers were fearful."

Daniel Frazer, defending, said the police were called because his client was subject to domestic violence but by the time they got there the male had left.

"She had drunk half a litre of vodka and her recollection of events is hazy," said Mr Frazer. "She can't recall instructing the dogs to bite but isn't in a position to dispute what the officers said."