A RISHTON mum was relieved to finally have her daughter home after two-and-a-half months in hospital battling illness.

Edith-Rose Khan was born on January 6 but she was losing weight and not eating, so her family took her to the Royal Blackburn Hospital on January 29.

The Lancashire Telegraph last week featured the story of brave Edith and how she was found to have undiagnosed meningitis and hydrocephalus which meant she needed shunt tubes to drain fluid off her brain.

However, Manchester Children’s Hospital gave the green light for the family to bring Edith home temporarily last Thursday.

It meant there was a historic moment for the family as she was able to meet her step-brother Reggie Duerden for the first time.

On Monday Edith’s mum Georgina Sheridan was due to take Edith for a check-up on her progress to see if she could stay at home permanently.

The 26-year-old said: “We were allowed to bring her home but we still had to go back to hospital to see about her progress.

“They will try to drain her brain to see if there is any infection and give her more antibiotics if needed. But they told us about any symptoms if something was wrong and she has been fine this weekend.

“It was nice because she was able to meet Reggie for the first time as when she was born he was to unable to see her.

"We are positive that we will be able to bring her back home to some normality.

"We know about the dangers of her condition and we will be working with her physio in the community and the health visitor Anne-Marie who helped to tell us to take her to hospital in the first place.”

Meanwhile, Pippa’s Presents in Great Harwood has been trying to raise some money for the couple as they continue to care for Edith.

Georgina said: “Pippa’s Presents have been a massive help as at the minute I am still on maternity leave and her dad Daniel is on sick pay until we know that she is fine.

"But the bills are still coming in and need to be paid but Pippa’s Presents are fundraising for us, which is great,” she added.

Email nataliejashworth@hotmail.co.uk at Pippa's Presents if you want to help with the fundraising.