An app which alerts people when they’re entering ‘high crime zones’ includes built in features to help people feel safe when walking.

The WalkSafe app, avaliable on both iPhone and Android, pins locations of reported crime, such as sexual assault, mugging and knife crime, using police data. 

The map shows reports of crime taken from monthly police reports in the area, including sexual assault, mugging, knife crime, and pickpocketing.

It uses data published via with the app refreshing the map twice per week and the app automatically alerts you when you walk near these dangers.

Another feature allows people to tap the app every so often while they walk home, sending an alert to a loved one if they do not tap within the set time.

Users can also check in with others and let the app send an automatic notification to friends when they have reached their destination.

It surged to the top of the download charts in the wake of Sarah Everard’s death and discussions around male violence against women.

Co-founder Emma Kay was compelled to create the app due to her own experiences of harassment.

Emma said: "Our ultimate goal was, even if it saves one person from a difficult situation then it will all be worth it and that's really what drives us."

The map include coloured dots highlighting types of crime:

  • Red – violence/sexual assault
  • Black – knife crime
  • Light Blue – feeling unsafe
  • Yellow – mugging

The colours on the TapSafe feature will change depending on the time of day, allowing for discreet use at night time reducing the risk of alerting a potential attacker.

As well as police reports, the app also allows people to record when they ‘feel unsafe’. The user can report anything from rowdy groups of people, drunks, if there is a police presence and even if the area is poorly lit.

A round up of crimes reported in Blackburn highlighted on WalkSafe app

Violence/Sexual Assault

  • Warrington Street, Blackburn
  • Blakewater Road, Blackburn
  • Burnley Road, Blackburn
  • Gloucester Road,
  • Broadway, Blackburn
  • St Gabriel’s Avenue, Brownhill
  • Parsonage Road, Brownhill
  • Cornelian Street, Roe Lee
  • Peter Street, Blackburn
  • Sandpiper Close, Blackburn
  • Ribble Street, Blackburn
  • Whalley Street, Blackburn
  • West View Place, Blackburn
  • Higher Bank Street, Blackburn
  • Gibraltar Street, Blackburn
  • Crosshill Road, Blackburn
  • Lancaster Place, Blackburn
  • Irene Place, Blackburn
  • Foxhouse Street, Blackburn
  • Johnston Close, Blackburn
  • Apple Street, Blackburn
  • Park Place, Feniscowles
  • Wellington Road, Hollins Bank
  • Mill Hill Street, Mill Hill
  • Herschell Street, Mill Hill
  • Stoneyhurst Close, Blackburn
  • Avon Close, Blackburn
  • Devon Road, Whitebirk
  • Bentley Street, Whitebirk
  • Mulberry Street, Blackburn
  • Hastings Close, Blackburn
  • Skelshaw Close, Blackburn
  • Oak Bank Lane, Blackburn
  • Farm House Close, Blackburn
  • Accrington Road, Blackburn
  • Oxford Drive, Knuzden Brook
  • Farm House Close, Shadsworth
  • Ermine Close, Highercroft
  • Ulverston Close, Highercroft
  • Lytham Road, Highercroft
  • Sark Gardens, Ewood
  • Peel Close, Hollins Bank
  • Bank Hey View, Earcroft
  • Otterburn Road, Earcroft
  • Risedale Grove, Cherry Tree
  • Antigua Drive, Lower Darwen
  • The Crescent, Cherry Tree
  • Princess Gardens, Hollins Bank
  • Redvers Road, Darwen
  • Earnsdale Road, Darwen
  • Wood Street, Darwen
  • St James Crescent, Darwen
  • Perry Street, Darwen
  • Anyon Street, Darwen
  • Holden Fold, Darwen
  • Meadow Street, Darwen
  • Bentley Street, Darwen
  • Wood Street, Darwen

Knife Crime

  • London Road, Blackburn
  • Lincoln Road, Blackburn
  • Rothesay Road, Shadsworth
  • School Lane, Blackburn
  • Scarborough Road, Blackburn
  • Flimby Close, Highercroft
  • St Johns Street, Darwen