OFFICERS were forced to issue a dispersal order over the Easter weekend after several incidents involving youths were logged.

The order was put in place on the Woodbine Road area of Burnley and was active between 11pm and 4am on Saturday.

A police spokesman confirmed a decision had been made to put the order in place following a series of anti-social incidents, which resulted in at least one arrest.

Last weekend was the first time groups of up to six could meet outside since last year – creating a busy weekend for the police as a combination of good weather and the bank holiday weekend drew people out.

However dispersal orders have been in East Lancashire even during full lockdown as officers have continued to deal with groups of teenagers causing trouble.

A statement reads: “A dispersal order has been put in place between 11pm and 4am in the Woodbine Road area of Burnley.

“This has been authorised due to a number of Anti-Social behaviour incidents this evening involving 17-20 years old youth.

“There has been fighting, and people kicking at residential properties and car doors. Police will continue with high visibility in this area, so far one person has been arrested.”