A group of high school pupils have created an Easter music video, celebrating the achievements of their school during the coronavirus pandemic.

As lockdown comes to an end, the pupils and staff from Blessed Trinity in Burnley have reflected on how they managed to cope over the past year, from enduring 175,000 hours of live online teaching, to raising £8,000 to support their local foodbank.

During this time, the school has continued to educate 126 pupils from vulnerable or key worker families, and has provided 216 laptops and IT devices to help those studying from home.

These and many more of the school's achievements are detailed in the video, which features the Bruce Springsteen song, My City of Ruins.

Pupils from Blessed Trinity

Pupils from Blessed Trinity

The video was created by the pupils and staff during lockdown, with the clips recorded and filmed at home and at school.

At the start of the video, one pupil narrates: "This past year has been difficult for everyone, and as we approach the end of this lockdown we remember members of our community affected by the pandemic, particularly those who have lost family members or friends.

"However, as we begin to prepare for the celebrations of Easter we remember we are an Easter people, people of hope, and thank all of those who have worked on front line and kept our country going.

"We are proud of the way that Blessed Trinity has responded to the challenges of Covid-19."