A WOMAN launched a frenzied attack on a taxi driver when she couldn't pay the fare.

Blackburn magistrates heard the victim was repeatedly scratched to the face by Sasha Amber Holland who also punched and kicked him during the prolonged attack.

She only stopped assaulting him when the police arrived.

Holland, 20, of Nuttall Street, Accrington, pleaded guilty to assaulting Javid Iqbal. She was remanded on bail until April 28 for the preparation of a pre-sentence report.

Diane Jackson, prosecuting, said Mr Iqbal was waiting for a fare when Holland and a male got in the back of his taxi. They wanted to go to Morrisons to buy alcohol and he asked if they had enough for the fare. She offered him £2.50 but that was not enough.

"She said she was only 16 and her dad was going to come and get him," said Miss Jackson. "Mr Iqbal could tell there was going to be trouble and parked up near a CCTV camera before asking her to leave."

Holland responded by scratching his face and made a grab towards some money.

"She continued to scratch, punch and kick him and he didn't leave his vehicle because he wanted to protect his car and his money," said Miss Jackson.

"Mr Iqbal said he could normally communicate well and diffuse situations but the defendant just started attacking him and wouldn't stop."

Peter King, defending said the CCTV footage showed it had been a sustained and repeated assault and he could not oppose the suggestion that a pre-sentence report would be required before sentencing took place.