AN April Fool’s Day publicity stunt by the Bees Knees pub group caused a stir in an East Lancashire town this morning.

The Lancashire Telegraph reported how new signs were put up outside the Turf Hotel renaming the pub ‘The Royal Coyle’ after former Burnley FC manager Owen Coyle.

The pub will be opening in May and will have a new feel and look after a £80k investment

Owners said it was fitting the pub jokingly would be called after Owen Coyle who got Burnley promoted in 2009 but then caused consternation by jumping ship to Bolton during the Premier League season.

The pub is owned by Clarets fan John Ashley and Philip James and they are excited about reopening the pub on Yorkshire Street when lockdown restrictions end.

Speaking about the April Fool, Mr Ashley said: “We have hopefully lightened the mood of the town during Covid restrictions and brought a little bit of publicity to the area as well as the pub.”

Earlier today, the Lancashire Telegraph reported that they 'wanted to celebrate the manager and man who first got us to the promised land and that unforgettable season.

Workers at the pub removed the signs this afternoon.