A 31-YEAR-OLD woman died from alcohol poisoning, an inquest heard.

Helen Mort, of East Park Avenue, Darwen, was found dead in her home on December 5 by her ex-boyfriend Dale Kenney who had been concerned about her after an old friend raised an alarm over her wellbeing.

Coroner Richard Taylor, sitting at Preston Coroners Court, said Dale rushed to Helen’s home and found her on the floor at the bottom of the stairs.

He said it was obvious she had died, but in his view she would have never have attempted to take her life.

Christopher Chandley, who was Helen’s high school sweetheart, hadn’t heard from her for years and out of the blue, she asked to speak with him and they shared a video call at about 2am on December 5 to ‘speak about the old days’.

They spoke until about 5.35am and Christopher said it was obvious she was drunk and thought she may have taken something, however toxicology reports have shown that Helen only had alcohol in her system.

He said their conversation ended abruptly when Helen's camera turned off and she fell silent and he assumed she had fallen asleep.

Late the next morning, Christopher called Dale as he hadn’t heard anything from Helen and Dale rushed over, calling her mum on the way.

Dale and Helen had been in a relationship for seven years before breaking up in October 2020 and stayed in communication through text and phone calls.

He had already had concerns about her wellbeing after she started drinking heavily following the break-up.

A CT scan, performed by Dr Susan Cox, concluded that there was no physical damage which could have caused or been an influence in Helen’s death, which ruled out that she could have fallen down the stairs.

Mr Taylor said the toxicology report showed Helen to have a blood alcohol level which was ‘profound and potentially fatal’ and concluded that there was no other medical cause of death.

Despite mental health concerns, Mr Taylor concluded: “While concerns were raised about her case of mind, there is insufficient evidence to conclude she deliberately tried taking her own life.”