A TOWN Hall is to double the extra paid leave entitlement for employees who are also military reservists.

Burnley Council is to increase from the concession from five to 10 days so part-time armed forces personnel can attend annual training camps.

The change has been approved by borough chief executive Mick Cartledge.

His report to council political group leaders and the local authority's resources boss Cllr Sue Graham says: "This policy was developed as a result of the council’s commitment to the Armed Forces Covenant and the council’s wish to be considered for the Ministry of Defence (MoD) Employer Recognition Scheme Gold Award. The Council was awarded the Silver Award in 2020.

"One of the criteria for the Gold Award is for the employer to have positive human resources policies in respect of reservists and provide at least 10 days additional leave for training purposes.

"The current policy developed allows five days paid leave for reservists to attend their annual summer training camp (pro rata for part time employees).

"There will be a financial implication to increasing the days leave to employees who are members of the reserve forces to attend their annual camp. We currently have limited

employees with reserve status.

"In the event that a reservist is mobilised the MoD will assume responsibility for their salary.

"The policy demonstrates the council’s commitment to supporting the employment of staff who are members of the reserve forces and recognition of the valuable contribution they make to the UK armed forces, their communities and the civilian workforce."