A STUDENT has been using the skills she has learned to help support elderly and vulnerable people during lockdown.

Megan Hunter, 18, studies cookery at Blackburn College and has now been putting what she has learned to practical use, all in her own time, while volunteering with the Friends of Infirmary Area community group.

Megan, a former pupil at Our Lady and St John Catholic College in Blackburn, has been preparing, cooking and delivering meals to those who have needed support throughout the Covid-19 pandemic and the multiple national lockdowns.

She said: “I decided to start volunteering with Friends of Infirmary Area last summer because during the first coronavirus lockdown I was stuck at home a lot so I thought why not do some volunteering and give back to the community.

“Every Friday we were cooking for the elderly and vulnerable.

“We would cook around 150 meals per week and this included creating a menu which was suitable for each week, cooking the meals in a big batch and then delivering them to the correct areas.

Megan is now preparing for yet another outlet to support most in need with her friend Hannah.

She said: “Alongside Hannah, I am currently working on another project which will be an event later on in the year where the elderly and vulnerable can enjoy afternoon tea.”

Anyone who has enjoyed Megan’s meals over the last year is sure to be eager to sample her afternoon teas once this project comes to fruition and to see where the skills she has honed over the last year take her next.

Meanwhile, more information about Friends of Infirmary Area can be found at: https://ourlancashire.org.uk/groups/friends-of-infirmary-area/.