A community group has been commended for their help in a humanity group which has delivered 42,000 hot meals and 130,000 bags of shopping to vulnerable people in the past year.

On Saturday (March 27), the Shad Chefs helped Preston Here for Humanity (HFH) make and deliver over 100 hot meals to people in the city, as the not-for-profit group has celebrated its first birthday.

David Adams, Craig Shankley, Lee Rennox and Lee Monk joined the humanitarian group to cook spaghetti bolognese which was later delivered by volunteers and a local taxi service across the city.

The meals were given to people who have been shielding, a retirement home, vulnerable adults, two homeless support hotels and NHS staff working at Royal Preston Hospital.

Speaking on behalf of the Shad Chefs, David Adams "They have helped us in the past and we have helped us. They were there when we did the walk for Carson, they got us food and put out refreshments.

"They came across the way with bottles of water. They just wanted us to go over and help them booking a spaghetti bolognese.

"We had a joke with them saying we weren't real chefs - but the chefs have been doing some really cheffing."

Since their inception in the first lockdown HFH have helped the Shad Chefs in their walk for Carson, delivering food and water across the way and the group returned the favour when the Preston organisation walked from Preston to Liverpool to also raise money for Carson as well as the Rosemere Cancer Foundation.

Chris Murray, director of HFH said: "They supported us when we walked Preston to Liverpool and we supported them when they went Blackburn to Liverpool.

"We are looking forward to some great Lancashire charity events once lockdown ends that support masses of people."

To celebrate Here for Humanity's first birthday they also got treated to cakes from local bakers which, after a couple of celebration slices were cut, were given to the NHS.