CAR and van owners have been advised to use steering locks after a series of vehicle thefts.

The advice was issued by Rossendale Police, after the force was called to investigate several cases of stolen vehicles in the area.

Officers say that they have also previously advised residents to use farraday cases to prevent would-be thieves from obtaining their vehicles' key codes.

A police spokesperson said: "This is obviously a useful tactic and we would advocate continuing with this method, however as is always the case criminals are continuing to look at new methods of committing crime.

"We have recently become aware of technology local criminals are using to steal vehicles, this new technology allows the criminal to re-code and steal your vehicle without the need to copy your key code.

"As a result we are now advising you to look at steering locks as a crime prevention tool, several variations are available and this will act as another tool to prevent the theft of your vehicle."

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