A BROKEN piece of wood caused a town hall clock to stop, it has been revealed.

Last month Liberal Democrat Cllr Paul Browne revealed to Blackburn with Darwen Full Council Forum that the highly visible timepiece on top of Darwen Town Hall had stopped.

He asked borough regeneration boss Cllr Phil Riley to get it going again.

At this month's Council Forum Darwen East's Cllr Browne revealed the clock was now going again.

Cllr Riley then explained what had gone wrong.

Cllr Browne told Thursday night's meeting: "I would like to thank Cllr Riley for getting our town hall clock fixed.

"It was very good of him. At the last meeting I asked him if it was in his portfolio but he said he would look into it and I'm telling you all that he's done it for us.

"I want to thanks him very much."

Cllr Riley replied: "Thank you for that. Apparently a small piece of wood had broken off and got stuck in the mechanism.

"It required a man to go up there on a ladder and remove it.

"We're delighted to get the residents of Darwen now able to see their clock in operation."