Police are appealing for victims after youths have been reported throwing eggs and stones at cars.

Colne and West Craven police have said that they have seen reports on a local community page about youths damaging cars with eggs and stones on Skipton Road.

Officers have appealed to victims to help them investigate the incidents, despite them having not been reported officially to the police.

A spokesperson for the police said: "Can I just take this opportunity to point out that police do not monitor local community facebook pages, and this is not the way to report crime.

"If you needed medical assistance, you wouldn't post on a local facebook page and expect an ambulance to be deployed - you'd call them.

"The same applies if you need the police. Please report these incidents to us either on the Lancashire Police website or call 101, or 999 in an emergency."

The policing team said that they have been in the area and have moved several youths on.

They have also appealed to parents to take responsibility of their children.

The spokesperson added: "We urge you take some responsibility and remember that we are still living with lockdown restrictions and, in addition to dealing with youths for any incidents they are responsible for, we will continue to issue Covid tickets to parents where necessary."