A DISTRICT judge has made a destruction order on a pitbull-type dog seized by the police.

Blackburn magistrates heard the owner of the dog, Leroy Wright, of Lion Street, Church, had made it clear he was not going to co-operate with the police and had failed to attend court.

Deputy District Judge Ian Barnes ordered the destruction of the dog, known as Kilo, and ordered Mr Wright to pay £1,411 costs.

Sharon Cottam, prosecuting on behalf of Lancashire Constabulary, said the dog had been examined by a qualified dog legislation officer who found it to be a prohibited pitbull type.

"The owner can challenge whether the dog is a danger to the public but he has failed to attend today and has not engaged with the police to date," said Ms Cottam.

The Judge said Mr Wright had been given every opportunity to attend but had failed to do so.

"Accordingly, I have no evidence from him to satisfy me of the temperament of Kilo or whether he is a proper person to take care of the dog," he added.

Miss Cottam said the destruction order would not be activated on immediately.

"We will allow a 24 day period in case the owner wants to make representation," she added.