A SCHOOL uniform swap shop is coming to a borough to help families and encourage recycling.

Hyndburn charity Maundy Relief will be open a stall in Accrington Market Hall on April 12.

It is asking for donations to help them provide a uniform to every child who needs one in the borough.

Sameena King, Manager at Accrington Market said: “We are really pleased to welcome the Uniform Swap Shop to the Market Hall. Not only are they offering a wonderful solution for local families with children, they are also adding an exciting new offering to our diverse range of stall holders."

Lucy Hardwick, manager at Maundy Relief said: "“All parents are familiar with the large expense of school uniforms and know too well that children very quickly outgrow their school wear. We wanted to combine efforts across our borough and offer a one-stop-shop for recycling these uniforms, giving help to those who need it.

"Families can donate their uniform that is no longer needed and if they need to, collect a new uniform from us.

“The more people that take part in this initiative the better. We want children to be proud to use this service, as eco warriors for Hyndburn.”