A NEWLY registered charity is calling for 'heroes' to join their cause and help protect the local environment.

Hillside Heroes began as a community group for residents in Nelson and Colne who were concerned that the natural environment in their areas was under threat and decided to band together to protect local wildlife and green spaces, particularly the Gib Hill fields which lie behind Fisher More High School in Colne.

Having now registered as a charity the group, already with a membership of around 100, hopes to expand and take on new members to help them carry out this vital work.

Group chair Liz Hurley said: "The Gib Hill fields are a wonderful green oasis lying in between the hustle and bustle of Colne and Nelson, teeming with wildlife and enjoyed by scores of locals every day.

"During the coronavirus pandemic, they have provided a haven for people to wind-down and mentally detox whilst staying local.

"Unfortunately, the fields are in the sights of Pendle Borough Council who want to incorporate them into their development plans.

"Speaking with the Lancashire Wildlife Trust, it is clear they are ecologically important."

Lancashire Telegraph:

The group hopes to preserve the environment around Nelson and Colne

The group is now developing an alternative management plan for the area, so that its bio diversity is optimised and aim to push for a community asset transfer, so Gib Hill can be managed as a nature reserve with improved quality of land and public access to it.

Fortunately for them, the Hillside Heroes count several members who are highly knowledgeable about such matters amongst their ranks, but are still on the lookout for anyone else who wishes to join.

Lancashire Telegraph:

Protecting wildlife is also important to the Hillside Heroes

Ms Hurley said: “We are urging anyone who cares about the natural environment in Pendle to join us via our Facebook page, Hillside Heroes, because we believe there is strength in numbers.”

To find out more, go to: https://www.facebook.com/Hillside-Heroes-105039818331599.