Security staff at an Aldi store have come under fire after a shopper accused a guard of humiliating him while he was experiencing a diabetic hypo.

Simon Ryan was shopping in the Aldi store in the Peel Centre at Whitebirk, Blackburn on Thursday last week.

Mr Ryan, who has type one diabetes, said as he entered the store he began to feel low and knew his blood sugars had dropped.

The 34-year-old from Blackburn said: "I rang my partner and she told me to get a can of sugary pop and drink it, put it in my basket, carry on to the till and come home.

"I placed my basket down and began to drink this can of red thunder and then put it in my basket once I'd finished.

"The security guard approached me and started shouting in my face, saying 'what have you done with that can?'

"I told her it was in my basket, but she said it was not store policy to consume drinks or food in store.

"I then tried to explain that I am diabetic and I could feel a hypo coming on and my sugars were low, and would she rather me have a fit on the floor."

Simon Ryan was left humiliated by an Aldi security guard during the onset of a hypo due to his type 1 diabetes

Simon Ryan was left humiliated by an Aldi security guard during the onset of a hypo due to his type 1 diabetes

Mr Ryan claims the security guard did not appear interested in his situation and instead, followed him around the store until he reached the till.

He added: "I felt like I had to rush as I was humiliated and embarrassed. I've never experienced this before after shopping here since it opened.

"I phoned my partner when I got out and she proceeded to ring Aldi to speak to customer services who were well mannered and very helpful.

"I'm a type one insulin dependant diabetic. The staff are usually lovely there and this is my first encounter ever, even with security, I shop there weekly but now feel I don't want to go back."

Aldi at Whitebirk, Blackburn

Aldi at Whitebirk, Blackburn

This is the second time in two weeks that security staff working for Aldi have been accused of shoddy etiquette and bad customer service, as the previous week, a shopper claims he was sworn at by a guard in the Ewood store on Bolton Road, in a row over face mask exemption proof.

Shopper claims Blackburn Aldi security guard swore at him in face mask exemption row

Mr Ryan's mother, Dominique Ryan said: "I felt physically sick to my stomach when I found out what happened, as I know how quickly a fit can come on with Simon.

"He was trying to deal with it as quickly as he could, and to think if she had taken the can off him before he got chance to drink any of it really doesn't bear thinking about.

"He rang me so embarrassed when he left the store, I was absolutely furious.

"I could understand if he'd walked out the shop without paying, but he'd placed the can in his basket with every intention of paying.

"The security need to learn how to assist people."

A spokesperson from Aldi said they had reviewed CCTV footage from the incident and said the security guard had not shouted at Mr Ryan, nor had she followed him around the store, although footage does show them crossing paths down one of the aisles.

The spokesperson said: "We apologise to Mr Ryan for his experience at our Whitebirk Drive Store and have spoken to colleagues regarding this incident."