AN actor who studied drama in Blackburn has landed a dream gig ­— playing Oasis megastar Noel Gallagher.

James McClelland plays the singer-songwriter in Creation Stories, to be screened on Sky Cinema.

It tells the tale of infamous Creation Records label head Alan McGee, who also managed Oasis.

James, 27, is excited for what could be the breakthrough moment of his career when the film is released on Saturday

After a few failed auditions while at school, he studied drama at St Mary’s College in Blackburn before moving to London to complete his training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) at 19.

James, from Chorley, said: "This is the first thing I have done that will be streamed on TV.

“I grew up watching Trainspotting and This is England, so I was working with people I love like Irvine Welsh and Ewen Bremner."

Welsh wrote the script and Bremner has been cast as McGee in the film.

Growing up in Chorley, he loved the theatre and acted in small shows while working part-time at a call centre to save money to realise his dream of moving to London.

He said: “It was quite a telling moment, I knew what I wanted to do but I couldn’t afford to move to London then.

“I do miss home, especially because I am a Man City fan and I had a season ticket, and when I moved is when we started winning.”

The film was originally set to hit cinemas last year, but the pandemic paused this and, after a year, it was decided to have it feature on Sky.

He said: “A lot of things got pushed back but I am lucky because I got to do this film as well as another one releasing later this year, so I have things to keep me going.

“I was meant to attend the Cannes Film Festival for Creation Stories, which I’m sad to miss, but a lot of people watch so many things at home on TV now.”

Despite being nervous while filming, Mr McClelland got into the character well and loved playing Noel.

He said: “It was quite daunting at first but when you’re on set, everyone is just there working hard and doing their jobs.

“I love playing Noel because he’s such a hugely confident character, so I got to feel like him.”

Creation Stories will release on Saturday on Sky Cinema.