A family had a lucky escape after 35-foot tree came crashing down during last night’s storms.

A Reedley Town councillor whose home was damaged said he had asked for the trees to be trimmed or chopped down on numerous occasions and would now be calling for further action.

The tree was in a neighbour’s garden and fell into Councillor Sajjad Akbar’s garden on Meadow Close, Reedley in the early hours of the morning.

He said: “We heard a loud crash in the early hours and it woke everyone up.

“The tree damaged the conservatory and the fence and fell inches away from a bedroom where my kids were sleeping. The branches are damaged the bedroom window. We were very lucky in a way.

“The kids play area has been completely damaged and the branches and the main part of the tree are strewn all over the garden. This is going to take some shifting.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

Cllr Akbar, a father of four said he had warned this might happen.

“The property is empty and I have asked for these trees to be trimmed but nothing has been done.

“This was an accident waiting to happen.”

Lancashire Fire Rescue were called and inspected the scene to ensure there was no further safety issues.

Two more trees taller than the one which fell are still standing and Cllr Akbar fears they may not withstand another period of high winds.

Cllr Akbar added: “We have lived here for eleven years and nothing like this has happened but during that time these conifers have grown. The other trees are taller and will cause more damage if they fall.”