A PROPERTY insurance services company has become the first business in the UK to adopt a cutting edge profiling tool to find potential partners.

The tool, known as Zorakle, works by rapidly analysing computerised information, using techniques developed by experts from Harvard Business School, Gallup and Stanford University to identified the characteristics of ideal partners for the businesses making use of it.

Darwen-based Aspray, which works across the UK property market, says the company has already felt the benefits, using Zorakle to identify businesspeople with the potential to start up new company franchises in partnership with them.

Aspray recruitment manager Rebecca Dean said: “It is easy for a franchise prospect to come across well at interview and appear to have everything we require on paper.

“However, we simply have to delve deeper and assess their capacity to cope with multi-tasking and high-pressured environments, as well as focusing on their needs and wants, in the most sophisticated way possible.

“Over the past 16 years, we have tried all manner of psychometric tests, as part of our recruitment process.

"Nothing has had the insight that Zorakle provides, however, and we believe its adoption will enable us to home in on who is right for our franchise opportunity and who is not even if, at face value, they appear to be so."

Aspray works to provide property damage insurance claims, negotiation, settlement, and reinstatement services and is on the lookout for potential franchise partners, which it believes Zorakle can help identify.

The company says that its profiling has identified that it needs to find candidates who are self-motivated, reliable and hardworking.

It says that it needs them to have the work style of a director, to be goal-orientated, structured about task completion and fast and decisive.

"However, they must be solutions-focused and practical, self-aware and capable of self-management too.

They also need to be technical and learn quickly and have a consultative approach to sales.

To find out more, go to: www.asprayfranchise.co.uk.