A NETWORKING expert is targeting a global audience from her Lancashire base with a series of videos and podcasts.

Haslingden-based Tracy Heatley founded Better Networking, having already founded Business over Breakfast in 2007, and aims to help people hone their business skills by providing interactive networking and communication training for teams or one-to-ones

Inspiration for the series struck after the pandemic affected Ms Heatley personally when she contracted coronavirus last March, with the lockdowns have drastically changing the way she ran her business.

She said: “Business over Breakfast Clubs switched to online Zoom meetings, that meant even when there was so much doom and gloom around members could support each other and they were still able to get referrals.

“It also gave me the chance to get my website updated and to develop the idea of online training through videos.”

Lockdown saw Ms Heatley investing the government assistance grants to undertake podcast training with Lynsay Gould and learn about digital marketing from Rachel Weinhold of GrowTraffic.

She rewrote her workshops and scripted them into a series of videos and has now launched them worldwide on her website.

Ms Heatley said: “In September, I hired a room at The Landmark in Burnley and Aiden Oldroyd from Proper Video, a member of my Burnley BoB Club, filmed the videos.

“Their online accessibility opens up my business to a global marketplace and I think America and India will be big target markets.”

The videos can be bought as a series to work through independently, or are available with one-to-one training sessions over Zoom.

Ms Heatley said: “I want to help as many business owners as I can win business through referrals and I can give them the tools to do it.

“Great networking involves effective communication and it is a skill that I believe everyone can develop with a little bit of coaching.

“It is about building relationships, getting a rapport with people; and from that comes business. That is why Better Networking was set up.

“In five years’ time, I hope to have BoB Clubs in every town across my area, and who knows where Better Networking might be because the video and podcasts I have produced are timeless.

“I am also looking to write a book, so maybe I will be a best-selling author too.”

To find out more, go to www.better-networking.co.uk or email tracy@betternetworking.co.uk.