A MOTHER of two has shared the incredible story behind the launch of her new lifestyle magazine later this month

The first edition of SheHUB.tv will be available online and in print on March 30 and will cover subject such as love, relationships, health and wellness along with issues affecting both men and women from diverse backgrounds.

The magazine is the creation of British Bermuda-born journalist Carla Zuill who has drawn upon her personal experiences when launching the new venture, in particular moving to the UK in 2016 so that her sons Na’im and Ajani could escape the violence that blighted there homeland, and which took its toll on her mental health, and pursue better opportunities in the UK

She said: “I had two black sons living in the middle of a gang war when they were little and I told myself, no one is going to tell me that my boys aren’t going to live to be older than 21.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

Carla Zuill

Na’im and Ajani, both talented footballers, now academy players for Oldham Athletic FC's under 11 and under 15 teams.

Meanwhile, Ms Zuill herself has been able to launch a new career thanks to her involvement in the FreelanceHER 100 programme.

The 12 week programme, launched by East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce stalwarts IN4.0 and its partners aims to support careers of 109 women across the North West working in digital, creative, media and technology.

Ms Zuill's magazine will be one of many projects realised thanks to this programme.

She said: “It meant so much to me to see a programme dedicated to freelance women, especially when I felt lost professionally.

"I had written myself off and I thought how am I going to make my mark if nobody knows me in this country?

"My life had been in a very positive shift and it felt like this programme was the last piece of the puzzle.

“Being in a space with fellow freelancers has allowed me to not only meet different women but also to learn about being business-minded which is an area I want to improve in.

“I am so excited about the programme; I don't even want it to get to week 12!

"Being with other mums, talking about their challenges with balancing working from home and schooling, a lack of devices or even just a lack of quiet time has really helped me to feel better, like I'm not on this freelance journey alone.”

Lancashire Telegraph:

IN4.0 Group CEO Mo Isap

IN4.0 Group CEO Mo Isap meanwhile has been thrilled to see such a success story in action.

He said: “It’s amazing to hear Carla’s story, an inspirational woman and a talented journalist, who has been through such a unique journey to build her life with her family here in the North West.

"We are delighted that she is part of the FreelanceHER 100 community and championing equality.

"We hope that by helping her to share her story, it will support and empower other entrepreneurial women in tech with achieving their ambitions.”

SheHUB.tv's website can be found here http://shehub.tv while interested in selling the magazine can email carla@shehub.tv.