A FIVE-WEEK-OLD baby was knocked out of its pram in a hit-and-run.

A mother was walking with her child past the entrance to Booths car park in Clitheroe on Monday afternoon (March 1) when a vehicle hit the woman, knocking her over and throwing the baby out of the pram.

The mother rushed to the attention of her child and was not able to collect the details of the vehicle.

Police have said it is believed that the vehicle could be a small silver SUV, similar in size to a Dacia Duster.

Police are now asking any witnesses to the accident to come forward as well as reaching out to the driver.

A spokesperson for the police said “We are appealing for witnesses following a collision at the car park entrance in which a female pushing a pram was knocked over and the five-week-old baby was thrown from the pram.

"The vehicle involved is described as possibly being a small silver SUV, similar in size to a Dacia Duster.

“CCTV enquiries are ongoing but, in the meantime, if you witnessed this incident and have further information please email RibbleValley.NPT@lancashire.police.uk or call 101 quoting LC-20210301-0817.

“If you are the driver, we accept that sometimes panic can affect decision making but don’t make the situation worse and contact us.”

Police did not release any details of any injuries the mother and baby suffered.