A YOUNG girl was so inspired by the NHS staff who have battled through the coronavirus pandemic that she started making and selling key rings to raise money for them.

Eliza Kearsley, six, saw a piece on the news about a boy who was fundraising for health staff by adding illustrations to an aircraft book and she wanted to get involved too.

The Edenfield Primary School pupil enjoys making Hama bead key rings with her mum Sarah Jenkinson so they decided to use their hobby to drum up some cash.

And the orders are flying in, with one even coming from the Far East.

Sarah, of Clogger Close, Rawtenstall, said: “We have had over 50 orders, and the key rings are being sent to many places including Hong Kong.

“The response has been fantastic. Eliza is very proud of herself and we are proud of her too.”

The money raised will be split between the NHS and a cancer charity, as a girl the family know has neuroblastoma.

Each key ring costs 50p or a donation will be accepted – email sarahjenko@yahoo.co.uk for details.