The owner of a vintage clothes shop said he's determined to bring his on-trend 80s and 90s streetware to East Lancashire in a bid to breathe new life into an ailing high street.

Matthew Taylor who owns and runs Hollywood Exports in Preston is looking to open a second store in his hometown of Clitheroe, as the 39-year-old believes the town's high street is effectively dead.

Lancashire Telegraph: Mr Taylor and his wife LisaMr Taylor and his wife Lisa

Mr Taylor, who is an antique dealer by trade and has appeared on episodes of ITV's Dickinson's Real Deal, said: "I am afraid the high street in Clitheroe is dead.

"It’s a shame, but as long as these 'service' shops, such as disability bed stores and a new chiropodist, occupy prime high street locations you can forget any decent foot fall.

"I know my opinion will upset a lot of folk but I’m talking the truth here.

"Obviously I wish both businesses success, but the council should have some stipulations on what type of business takes prime retail and leisure spaces.

"I don't think these sort of shops should be on the high street; the council need to look at places such as Hebden Bridge and Altrincham, which are booming (pre-Covid), and do something similar to liven the place up."

Hollywood Exports stock

Hollywood Exports stock

Taking to social media, Mr Taylor asked the people of Clitheroe a pertinent question - would they enjoy and use a vintage clothes store?

And the response was overwhelmingly positive.

He continued: "Ninety nine per cent of the responses I received were positive, and I'm actively looking for a retail space to rent now.

"I have so much surplus stock from the Preston store, as I had just collected an order when we were forced to lockdown again last year.

"So I don't want it to go to waste."

Lancashire Telegraph:

Hollywood Exports sells pre-loved on-trend 80s 90s street ware and Americana attire, from original Levi’s, to sports wear and outdoor clothing, to niche dresses and one-of-a kind t-shirts.

The concept Mr Taylor promotes in his existing store is one of sustainable fashion, and he also has a unique way of selling the items.

Hollywood Exports stock

Hollywood Exports stock

He added: "The fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to waste, which damages the environment.

"With Hollywood Exports we take clothes that are old stock, have been worn maybe once or twice, and sell them on to reduce the need for fast fashion.

"We also sell items at £20 a kilo, so effectively you could pick up a branded t-shirt for as little as £2.50, or a pair of original Levi's for £20.

"It's a worrying time for everyone at the moment, but I really want to try and breathe some life back into Clitheroe."

For more information visit @HollywoodExports on Facebook.