A RAPIST who subjected his victim to years of violence and sexual abuse has been given a jail sentence of over 20 years.

Umar Hamid’s reign of terror began when the woman was just 18 years old and was sustained over a 14 year period. 

During sentencing at Burnley Crown Court on Friday, it was heard how Hamid had used weapons such as guns and a machete during his repeated assaults on his victim. 

The woman was stabbed with a serrated knife and car keys on other occasions.

Most of the offending took place between 2006 and 2013 but resurfaced in the spring of 2020 when the victim, now 32, reported him to the police.

Hamid, 29, previously of Hazel Avenue, Darwen, and Blackburn, was arrested in May and was convicted of 11 offences including rape, assault and firearms offences following a trial at Preston Crown Court.

The offences were committed at addresses in Burnley and Blackburn.

During mitigation it was heard how letters and references written on behalf of the defendant painted him as a ‘different person to the one who sat before the court’.

It was also heard how to friends and family, the convictions Hamid was to be sentenced for would appear ‘totally out of character’.

Sentencing Hamid to 17 years in custody followed by a further five on licence, Judge

David Potter said: “Rarely has this court seen a more forceful description of an exceptionally dangerous man. 

“You have established criminal links within prison and have committed serious crimes with knives and firearms.

“I have read letters and I have no doubt that you can appear jovial, engaging, generous and possibly even charismatic - it was those factors that allowed you to exert influence on your victim.

“This court takes a different view of your character to that portrayed in the letters. 

“You are assessed as a being of a high risk of committing further sexual offences and very high risk of further offences of violence. You are unquestionably a dangerous offender.”

A lifetime restraining order prohibiting Hamid from contacting his victim was also issued, and he will be subject to registration on sex offender’s register for life.

Speaking after the case, Detective Inspector Tom Edmondson, of Lancashire Police, said: “Hamid subjected his victim to an ordeal of physical and sexual abuse over many years and I would like to once again pay tribute to her for having the courage to come forward and speak to us about what happened to her and for supporting the court process.

“I hope that today’s sentence will give some consolation to the victim in this case and confidence to others who may be suffering abuse that they can come forward and report to Lancashire Police safe in the knowledge that we will investigate with professionalism and sensitivity with the aim of both safeguarding victims and putting offenders behind bars.”

Brett Gerrity, for the Crown Prosecution Service, said: “Umar Hamid is a bully who used the most horrendous physical and sexual violence towards a woman in order to control her.

“Throughout the case he sought to challenge the victim’s account from when he was arrested through to the trial. He thought he was untouchable due to the fear that he has placed her under, but it is thanks to her immense courage that the CPS in partnership with the police were able to build and present a strong case against him. The jury were clear as to who they believed was telling the truth in returning unanimous guilty verdicts. 

“This significant sentence imposed by the court today reflects the prolonged suffering he subjected the victim to and the wider threat that he poses to the community. The victim can sleep safely tonight in the knowledge that he cannot perpetrate more violence upon her and that he has been brought to justice.”