A BURIAL group has thanked its volunteers after a call went out to clean an area used to wash the recently deceased.

Blackburn and Darwen have one of the largest number of volunteers in the area who are on call 24 hours a day.

The Blackburn Muslim Burial Society (BMBS) teams conduct the ghusl (washing of the body), cleaning of the ghusl area, provide drivers and the burial itself.

The ghusl or full-body ritual purification is conducted at selected mosques in Blackburn.

In a message to volunteers the Blackburn Muslim Burial Society (BMBS) said: “Masha’Allah, it is absolutely brilliant to hear how sisters from the community came together within minutes and offered to volunteer.

“We’d also like to extend our gratitude to all the volunteers who have time and time again made themselves available for ghusls so a family can bury their loved one quickly and in the most dignified manner.

“And to the team of volunteers that keep all the ghusl areas Covid safe regularly. May Allah SWT accept your khidmat (service) and make it a means for you all to enter Jannatul Firdaus with your loved ones.”