‘IT is a relief’ - that was the verdict of a barbershop owner to the news that hairdressers could swing open their doors again in April.

James Harding own Rogue Barbershop in Feniscowles was due to open his new business in March but was affected by the lockdown and was busy in July before another lockdown hit.

The 27-year-old was open for 30 days in December before another closure kicked in.

He said: “It is nice to have a date that was the worst part of it, not knowing when it would end.

“It is good to see a timescale on it unless it changes again.

“It has been tough as we have had to find other jobs just to support our families when we were closed for the lockdown and luckily we have managed to get some work.

“It was chaos when we re-opened in July and December and expect it to be busy again.

“We have only had the keys for 12 months now and only done five months of trading

“We are looking forward to getting back to it again and my phone has not stopped since the announcement on Monday.

“We were booked out for the first week within an hour of the news coming out so it is now organisation to get everyone fitted in. I am hoping that our trade can flourish in the future.

“Lots of people have tried to cut their own hair or got their partner doing it but I think people will come back to the hairdressers again.

“It is just a positive message that we hopefully are coming back to the end of it.”

Meanwhile Kellie Hughes of Kellie Hughes Studio in Whalley is more cautious about the news.

She said: “I am excited about getting back but it is not all going to be tickety book when we return.

“I have been quite lucky that I have been selling shampoo online so have been able to keep working but not everyone is like that.

“The lockdown has caused me anxiety and we are not thinking about how the lockdown has affected everyone’s mental health.

“There are some businesses who are not entitled to business grants and I worry for them.”