Groups of teenagers who have been terrorising an East Lancashire town appear to have struck again.

On Monday evening, officers in Colne were out on antisocial behaviour patrol, trying to disperse youngsters and encourage them to move on from public areas.

At around 7.15pm, one officer from the neighbourhood team received a call from security staff at the Sainsbury's store in the town, who stated there was a large group of youths hanging round the supermarket, being cheeky and refusing to leave.

The officer attended and found around 10 boys and girls who were all sat and stood by the locked entrance close to the lifts.

They became disrespectful upon being asked to leave and even told the officer they were 'exercising'.

Police say the parents of these children need to take more responsibility for their offspring.

A spokesperson for the police said: "We received a call at 7.15pm from security at Sainsburys stating there was a large group of youths refusing to leave.

"On arrival there was approximately 10 youths, male and female, who were sat or stood by the locked entrance by the lifts.

"On speaking to them they were cheeky and disrespectful.

"We asked them to leave and they refused stating they where exercising. When offered Covid tickets they left.

"Parents you are responsible for your children."

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Police say they know the names of each child in the group and have warned that should they get another call regarding their behaviour they will be handing £200 Covid fines to their parents.

Groups of youths have been causing trouble in Colne for the last nine months, with dispersal orders and many warnings dished out since August last year.

Police and councillors say they are working with parents to combat their behaviour, and there are things happening behind the scenes, but issues with safeguarding have to be addressed first.

Despite this, residents in Colne are furious, with many taking to social media to express their concerns to the police.

One user said: "So you say you know all the group. At a guess I'd say you probably know most of the parents.

"The sad thing is until the punishment fits the actions of offenders, it will get worse."

While another commented: "We need a zero tolerance approach. You can't keep giving these idiots another chance.

"They are literally laughing in your face knowing they are untouchable."

And another said: "When are you going to deal with these youths and their anti social behaviour?

"People seem to be complaining about this issue on a regular basis yet it seems as though the police don’t want to sort it out."

Officers insist they are putting measures in place to deal with such behaviour.

The spokesperson added: "We know all the group. If we get another call about their behaviour parents will receive Covid tickets on their behalf.

"They are £200 pounds each and double in price if you get another."