POLICE are warning parents to make sure their children are safely strapped in a car before setting off.

PCSO Kinga Wisniowska posted on the Nelson, Brierfield and Barrowford Police Facebook page about an incident in Bradley this morning.

A statement said: "Whilst out patrolling the area of Bradley, a vehicle came to my attention when I noticed one too many heads in the front of it.

"A baby boy sat on his dad's lap in the passenger seat.

"This is something that happens all too often, some of the excuses we hear are ‘I was just going to the shop’ or ‘I was only driving five minutes down the road’.

"There is no excuse for doing this and parents should know better than to put their children in such danger.

"No matter how much of a good driver a person might think they are or how carefully they might drive, there are plenty of idiot drivers out there. There is no way a person could protect a baby if a crash was to occur.

"The vehicle got pulled over, driver spoken to, issued with a fixed penalty notice and reported for the traffic offence."

It added officers visited Barrowford today responding to complaints 'of big groups of kids causing anti-social behaviour on Wilton Street and the park/Bullholme area'.

If you have witnessed any of this then please contact me, if you have any information on who the kids may be that would be very useful.