COUNCILLORS will on Wednesday consider major alterations to two historic buildings in a borough.

Hyndburn Council Planning Committee has been asked to approve the removal of the pavilions outside Accrington's Market Hall and remodelling the forecourt of Mercer Hall in Great Harwood.

Town Hall officials had recommended approval of both applications made by Hyndburn Council.

The demolition of the market hall pavilions has received eight objections but there have been none to the changes to Mercer Mall which the council proposes to decommission as a sports centre and swimming pool as part of a multi-million pound leisure review.

A planning officers' report on the pavilions says: "The submitted scheme continues the improvements made to the areas in front of the Town Hall and Market Hall.

"It involves the removal of the two large market pavilions, to re-expose the side façade of the Market Hall. It would also recreate the historical Accrington Market Place.

"The new space is intended to be multi-purpose. The Market Place would be akin to a multi-purpose public square on which people park their cars, rather than a single function car park."

Objections include existing adequate parking nearby; losing outdoor market stalls would be a shame; a loss of revenue to the market; and a suggestion to create a wild garden, acorn trail, or sculpture area instead.

On the Mercer Hall changes an officers' report says: "The aim of the proposals for the Mercer Hall forecourt is to enhance this key public space within the Conservation Area and help establish the importance of the presence of Mercer Hall within this space.

"The raised planter flower beds, have been poorly maintained during recent years and have become infested with mares tail a particularly troublesome weed.

"The proposal is to remove them and simplify the area with some quality paving and a considered seating arrangement."