There have been calls for safety measures after a crash at an accident ‘blackspot’ in Blackburn.

An Audi travelling up East Park Road smashed into parked vehicles on the busy stretch of road just after 11.20pm on Saturday (February 20) There were no injuries reported and the road was closed for up to two hours, between Langham Road and Winston Road.

An East Park Watch Group had held a meeting about speeding issues along the road just a day earlier.

Coun Hussain Akhtar, who lives nearby said: “I joined a Zoom meeting with a group only a day before as I am the local councillor and this issue was raised.

He said: “I would urge all drivers to show some consideration and slow down. I think in this case, it was just luck there were no major injuries and the damage to parked vehicles was extensive.

“I know schools are off at the moment but this is a very busy stretch of road and children do cross at rush hour. It would be good to see safety measure like a zebra crossing for people to use.

"I have been campaigning for this in the area for several years."

In 2018 Cllr Akhtar spoke out following a collision between a silver Ford and a pedestrian and in 2015 homes in East Park Road were evacuated after a car being pursued by police smashed into a wall, hit a gas main and caused a major leak. In the same year a car hit a wall close to the entrance to Corporation Park.

A spokesperson for the East Park Road Group said: “There have been numerous accidents on this road and hopefully with the help of the residents and the councillors working together we can take this forward and see what measures can take place.

“We have launched a campaign to make sure our roads are safe.

“In Lammack we have some ‘speed cushions’ installed recently. I think anything that reduces accidents and near misses will be great.”