A group of teenage boys have been caught on camera pulling moonies and damaging shop windows.

Residents in Colne say they are becoming 'fed up' with the constant anti-social behaviour from a group of teenagers, who are causing no end of trouble in their town.

On Friday evening, some of the youths were caught on CCTV damaging a shop window on Oak Street.

Police in the area say they are working hard to deal with the group and have a number of names of some of the boys involved.

On Saturday a spokesperson for the police said: "There is a group of teenage boys causing general anti social behaviour in the North Valley area.

"This includes around Oak Street, and last night they were responsible for damage to the shop on Oak Street.

"They have previously pulled moonies which has been caught on camera, and residents are becoming fed up of their behaviour.

"We would like to reassure our community of our continued work to deal with this group.

"We have names of those involved last night and we will not tolerate such behaviour."

Youths in and around Colne have been wreaking havoc for months now, with the groups causing misery for locals.

In November missiles were thrown at moving cars resulting in a police patrol vehicle getting its window smashed in a targeted attack, while similar incidents had occurred over the summer, when youths were spotted launching objects at cars on a main road.

Teenagers were also spotted smoking cannabis in a wooded area in the town last summer, leading officers to impose a 48 hour dispersal order.

At the beginning of the month, Pendle Borough Councillor, Cllr Margaret Foxley said issues were being dealt with behind the scenes, but solving the problems wasn't as simple as just punishing the youngsters.

She said: "I am extremely concerned about these incidents.

"Since Christmas I have been working with the police to address some of these issues using a restorative approach.

"Our Colne police officers have worked hard to identify some of these young people and have visited their homes and informed their parents of the action that is likely to be taken.

"As you can appreciate, all of this is made particularly difficult by the restrictions in place at this time.

"There is a great deal happening behind the scenes and there are confidentiality and safe guarding issues which need to be respected.

"Rest assured many people are working hard to prevent these kind of incidents and anti-social behaviour from escalating."