Three men were caught by police driving away from a tennis club car park stinking of cannabis. 

On Saturday evening, after receiving tip-offs from the community, officers were called to a tennis club car park to respond to reports about cars gathering in the area and concerns over drug driving.

Just after 9pm, a car with steamed up windows was stopped while it was pulling out of Longton Tennis Club car park in Preston. 

The driver and two male passengers were questioned, roadside drugs tests carried out, fines issued, and an arrest made.

A spokesperson for the police said: "It had been highlighted through local reports and Lancashire Talking about cars gathering on Longton Tennis Club car park at weekends.

"The complaint was about litter and drugs paraphernalia being left on the carpark.

"There was also concerns about possible drug driving.

"On checking this area a vehicle was stopped just after 9pm pulling out of the car park.

"There were three young adult males in the steamed up vehicle.

"There was a very strong smell of cannabis and the passengers admitted to smoking weed prior to being stopped.

"A road side drugs test was done on the driver who tested positive for cannabis.

"All three males were issued with £200 Covid fixed penalty notices.

"One male was also given a cannabis warning.

"The driver was arrested.

"We do act on information given to us and we can easily do these checks at the roadside.

"In the Know and Lancashire Talking is having a really good impact on the areas we police and place our resources."