Pubs and schools are among the first things Lancashire Telegraph readers want opening when Boris Johnson announces his roadmap out of lockdown this afternoon.

As well a pint with pals and routine education for our children, readers and Facebook users said they'd love to be able to travel out of the local area, go on holiday abroad, and get back to the gym.

One reader said: "Schools first. They have missed so much education already, and yeah, we are all teaching them at home but there is only so much that us parents can do inbetween working as well.

"Children need routine.

"Then hopefully seeing family, then the pubs last."

Many people said non-essential shops and the hospitality industry should be re-opened sooner rather than later, with others suggesting days out in the countryside or trips to the beach.

Jennie Jayne Ashburne said: "Get the hospitality industry back up and running."

And one Facebook user commented: "Travelling out of area should be allowed, I'm missing a cold sea breeze at this time of year."

While another said: "I'm just being selfish, I want to go on holiday."

Others were more forthcoming with their responses, with some advocating the need to lift all of the restrictions immediately.

Christopher Jackson said: "All of it. We can't stop it spreading so why not get it over and done with?

"Shield the vulnerable and vaccinations for them if they want it."

Whereas Hughie Thomson thinks leisure and gyms should re-open as currently the double standards for allowing elite sports to continue doesn't make sense.

He said: "Leisure and the gym on account the Premier League are allowed to play and fly abroad, but we can’t go the gym or swimming and keep two metres apart."

Nicola Jackson said she'd like days out to be allowed, and would love to be able to visit a restaurant again.

She commented: "Seeing family, going out for days out and a nice meal and glass of wine/pint of beer."

While reader Emma Nield agreed: "Schools first then hospitality to open.

"We’ve postponed our wedding again to next year and I can’t imagine how some of these wedding suppliers will be able to carry on.

"Oh yeah and I need my hair sorting."

Some people were more niche with their responses, with one Facebook user suggesting a return to football grounds.

Connor David Goodwin said: "Let us back into football grounds, socially distanced of course."

It is expected that Boris Johnson will announce schools will re-open on March 8, and it is understood that outdoor after-school sports and activities will also allowed to restart from this date too.

Socialising in parks and public spaces with one other person will also be permitted when the rules are relaxed to allow people to sit down for a drink or picnic.

A further easing of restrictions will take place on March 29 when the school Easter holidays begin – with larger groups allowed to gather in parks and gardens.

The 'rule of six' will also return along with new measures allowing two households totalling more than six people to meet – giving greater flexibility for families and friends.

However, reader Nicola Louise Reay disagrees with the plan for lifting restrictions, stating: "A lot of people will disagree with me but I think schools should be closed until September again.

"Get all the first and second dose vaccines done.

"Then slowly start opening everything up.

"Relaxing and tightening restrictions is just destroying and prolonging this pandemic."

While one reader made their stance quite clear, saying: "Nothing, until everyone has had their vaccines."