TWO men have received cautions for causing a fire last Summer.

They'll each spend 150 hours on the Darwen Moors doing general maintenance work while seeing first hand how the area and wildlife is still trying to recover after the started the fire in May- June.

The fire raged for almost two days, throughout the day, as fire service bosses drove home the warning to people to avoid using BBQs or campfires on the moors.

On Saturday, May 30, the two men lit a BBQ on the moors.

Over 40 firefighters tackled the blaze and by 8am on Tuesday, eight fire engines were still at the scene and firefighters were be damping down hot spots to ensure no further spread.

ACFO Norman said at the time: "We've had a huge number of specialist assets working closely with the landowners, but sadly that means that we are going to have in the region of 50-60 firefighters through this Covid emergency, focused on an incident that was wholly avoidable.

"And that was somebody, by their own admission, they called the incident in and have since spoke to the police and given a full account of that fire, whilst not deliberate, was wholly avoidable, by virtue that you don't need to take a BBQ to enjoy the fabulous countryside that we've got."