A Burnley entertainer has reinvented himself as a 'doorstep singer' during the lockdown.

When his events business had to close due to the pandemic Gavin Young had to find new ways to pay the bills. He has now set up his own ‘mobile singing business’ – all socially distanced of course.

Gavin who has been in the entertainment business for 22 years said: “This new business has really helped my well-being and most importantly is bringing enjoyment to people’s doorsteps.

“It has been tough year for us all and I thought well, people are delivering food to your homes so why can’t I deliver music?

“So far the response has been really good. I only started in January and have had 18 gigs. It is wonderful to surprise people for their special occasions in this way.”

Gavin is conscious of keeping to all Covid restrictions and has purchased battery powered speakers and lights, “I don’t need any electrical cables from the house and people are sent a list of ‘Do’s and don’ts’ beforehand. 

Lancashire Telegraph:

“The twenty-minute sets are bringing smiles to everyone’s faces. Just recently I helped to celebrate a golden wedding anniversary over the Valentine’s weekend.

“The most popular track if you are wondering is ‘Mr Brightside’ by the Killers.”

The song begins with the lyrics ‘I’m coming out of my cage and I am doing just fine…’

Gavin would formerly be booked as a wedding singer and host or to perform at corporate events but like many people in the entertainment industry has had to find alternative ways to survive.

He said: “85% of my income is derived from my entertainment business. The Chancellor explained that, my business has earned over the threshold to receive the Self Employment Support Scheme Grant. 

“The industry I work in has been stopped by the Government. This has meant my income has also stopped which the Government has not recognised. 

“The wedding industry along with that of the hospitality industry needs to be given help. The return of these industries needs to be mapped out by the government.

“Up until recently I was very upset at the world and anyone associated with the government. I am now more positive and looking to the future.

“There are four million others in a very similar situation.”

You can find out more about Gavin at www.gavinyoung.co.uk or @gydoorstepping @gavinyoungweddingsinger